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Jiwon Park is an accomplished International Interior Architect based in Singapore and South Korea. With a lifelong passion for the arts, Jiwon pursued her education in Korea, USA, and UK, gaining valuable international exposure and expertise. She holds a BA in Interior and Spatial Design from the University of the Arts London in the UK.

Jiwon's professional career has been focused on enhancing Luxury Hospitality and Residential Design, honing her craft over the past eight years in Korea and Singapore. With extensive experience working with high-end global clients, operators, architects, and various consultants, Jiwon brings a unique and exclusive perspective to every project.


She is a passionate, thoughtful, and detail-oriented designer who consistently challenges herself to deliver the very best in every aspect of the design process.


" Jiwon's work goes beyond creating aesthetically pleasing spaces; she strives to craft engaging stories, memorable brands, immersive journeys, and emotional connections that resonate with guests and leave a lasting impression "

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